Monday, January 18, 2010

Winter inspiration

Friday was a *bla* day for me...
...see I have the itch to take pictures but lack inspiration.

My coworkers and I decided I just need to get out there and see some of the beauty of the barren winter branches. We live in a very gorgeous area where the Palouse River runs all wiggly squiggly, hither and yon (it actually starts somewhere in the St Joe National Forest and runs to the Snake River below Hooper, WA **details, details**) Anyway!
Here's what my little river road trip found for me

I took this between Colfax and Glenwood.
The river was RUSHING about all whooshy and tinkly. I wish you could hear it.
 There was a fine mist in the evergreens on the opposite hillside. Reminded me of the way smoke from a camp fire drifts around in the trees. The leaves and grasses smelled like .... well ... wet leaves and grasses, but in a heavy good way. I wish we had smellavision!

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  1. I love getting out this time of year too. Nice photo. Thanks for hopping to my blog so I could return the favor!!