Tuesday, January 26, 2010

NWSS Photo Journal, and then some!

Our boots, standard foot attire for the National Western Stock Show in Denver CO

Thursday night we went to "An Evening of Dancing Horses".
There were many kinds of horses doing all types of movements in every discipline from reining and dressage to trick riding on a Clydesdale.

Mom, Grandpa, and I did an incredible amount of walking. Our hotel had a complimentary shuttle, thankfully, so parking wasnt an issue.

Grandpa really enjoyed looking at all the equipment and machinery. He's got the pamphlets to prove it!

This Rambouillet ram sure was a pretty guy. I've never seen horns this long on a sheep before. A little red headed boy came up and informed us this was HIS sheep. He seemed very proud!

The Highland bull show was great! Imagine seemingly gentle giants with wispy hair and lumbering gaits...This guy was the only black bull and took top of the class. His "mom" really loved him, she gave him a little kiss on the face when they won.  The WORLD Mini Hereford show was being held in the same arena at the same time. Interesting to see the difference between the two types of cows.

I think my most favorite part of the whole weekend was watching the 2 up draft pulled working wagons. There were over 20 entries! These wagons held a lot of history, I loved the way they rattled and clattered around the arena.

The NWSS is a massive event, held in three different buildings. The history of these massive old buildings is still shown in the stadium seats at the Events Center. Have to admit, they weren't even that uncomfortable!


  1. Nice photos, you can view the Mexican Rodeo photos at: http://www.digpicphoto.com/Mexican_Rodeo_Extravaganza.htm

  2. oh don't you just *love* going to the stock show...sigh...i don't think people realize how much fun cowboys have ;0) so glad to find another girl who appreciates a nice looking bull ;0)
    *thank you* so much for your continued support of my little blog and good luck with the giveaway over at dionne's!

    your cowgirl kindred spirit,
    faded prairie

    btw~have the same boots!