Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Thumbs up for you

I've had one of THOSE days. 
I desperately need someone to throw me a thumbs up-
 BUT not just any old thumbs up....FOUR thumbs up!

These are just too good to keep to my little ol' self...

4 THUMBS UP for you, Sister. You need it too.
Hey Mommacita, can't forget you! Here's 4 THUMBS UP for you too. Can't WAIT for Denver!
Angela, Mandy- you get 4 THUMBS UP to share with your Mom and Amy...no fighting!
Linda and Laurie ( I know you two are out there...) 4 THUMBS UP each! Awww, heck, double it!
Carol, Jacqueline, Leila, Aunt Sal, Suz, Janet, Stacy, Peggy, and Diana- You each get 4 THUMBS UP for following me publicly...OH and Kevin, who ever you are...thanks for following too! The ten of you also get one set each of 4 THUMBS UP to share with whomever you choose.
And just in case there are any anonymous followers... Here's a bunch of extra 4 THUMBS UP! Share the wealth!


  1. Thanks Wraylee! If I saw them first do I get to share them with Ange and Mandy instead of them sharing with me?

  2. I think I need those thumbs more. I got through a terribly day yesterday. Terrible. But since I got through it, and today is looking better, I have enough umph left to throw you 4 thumbs up back. Thanks Wraylee!