Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Aunt Leelee's Loveys

Farmer Xander's lovey, "Mina", inspired these handmade creations.

Little boy lovey for Amanda's new baby boy. The back is lime green cow print Minky. How cute is that?

Little Girl lovey for Sister's coworkers baby girl...Sister asked for a super girly one so I made a yoyo for one corner and embroidered Cute E Pie on the other corner. LOVE the pink and brown paisly Minky!


  1. Oh Wraylee, I LOVE them! I can't decide which I like better but I really like the yoyo idea. You are so creative. You and Mandy really are "kindred spirits".

  2. Dang those are cute! Inspires me to get out my sewing machine again!

    Thanks for the congrats at my blog. I appreciate your visit!