Friday, May 29, 2009

Albert Einstein's Rules of Work:

1) Out of clutter, find simplicity.
2) From discord, find harmony.
3) In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity
It's hard to follow these rules when my desk is such a mess! Happy Friday, Pssshaw! I hope the desk cleaning and filing fairies happen by sometime before Monday!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

GREAT Grandparents

Quayle B and G. Leona Nebeker

& their 8 girls (not in order) Cleora, Wanda, Doris, Gloria, Wyoma, Dee Ann, Connie, & Arlene

~Flour Sack Dresses~

Flour sack dresses for each of her girls,
Mama starches and presses and watches them twirl.
She smiles at the joy lighting sweet farm girl faces,
And hopes that her girls will some day go places.
Farming is tough, but Daddy makes a good living
And Mama is thankful for all that they’ve been given…
Oh but the girls could all travel, it wouldn’t do harm,
And one day perhaps they’ll return to the farm
To milk cows, feed chickens, and ride the horses,
Hunt for rocks in the river that streams and courses,
Marry good farm boys and raise healthy children.
One day they’ll wake up and appreciate the feeling
Of working hard for their lives, for their family and land,
And a cup that’s filled up with love and joy where they stand.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Gopher Hole Inspector

Cheyenne has personally made it her mission to inspect each and every gopher hole on the property.
She is wearing her goverment issued farm inspection coat and ready for patrol.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


For after all, the best thing one can do when it is raining is let it rain.
— Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

In my purse: Tuesday May 19, 2009

Meet the amazing Green Purse! It holds so much! Great for traveling, every day use, or for holding babies! True story :)
Today you will find the sometimes odd, mostly necessary assortment as follows:

BIG Center Compartment-
-Brand new Quilts and More magazine with 29 quick projects like throws, pillows, baby quilts and bags.
-Canon Power Shot SD1000 Camera and carrying case (never leave home without it)
-Orange “HOLDS EVERYTHING” wallet, conveniently loaded with EVERYTHING from money to frequent shopper cards, family pictures and coupons, pens and sticky notes galore, and tickets to Lipizzaner Stallions. Most interesting item = 50 Pesos!
-2 CD’s- Kings of Leon and Pink
-3 jump drives
-Key sets to Ester and Betty
-Sticky Note (floating around alone) with the number to Wrangler
-A pair of Iron Clad ‘workforce’ gloves
-One lone hair clip

Center compartment pockets-
-3 fine point pens (because I dont like medium point)
-Savings account register
-Lil’ notebook that my sister gave me for house ideas
-MORE frequent shopper cards in convenient key chain sizes
-Campho-Penique for that occasional sporadic cold sore
-Tylenol Cold for head congestion pills
-Phenylephrine HCL tablets (otherwise known as antihistamines)
-Mary Kay Beauty Blotters
-Clinique Bamboo Pink lipstick

Left Outside Pocket-
-Yellow pocket knife
-Burt’s Bee’s Pomegranate Lipbalm
-Samsung blue tooth ear piece
-Q-Baby tag from my new jeans

Right Outside Pocket-
-Pink retractable sewing tape measure
-2 black hair ties
-Cell Phone

Center Outside Pocket- aka “The Hankie Pocket”
-Hankie from Grandpa Carroll
-Hankie from Grandma Blankenship

Monday, May 18, 2009

33 messages....

As usual, my inbox is chock full of emails that I must weed through...

Sister and Emilie have sent the usual course of funny Monday emails…guaranteed to start the day off with a smile. I now know my age in chocolate and can automatically fail a breathalyzer test.

Sat’s and Sun’s words from Daily Dictionary are:
stolid \STOL-id\, adjective: Having or revealing little emotion or sensibility; not easily excited. I know some people like this!!
exigency \EK-suh-jun-see; ig-ZIJ-un-see\, noun: 1. The quality or state of requiring immediate aid or action; urgency. 2. A case demanding immediate action or remedy; a pressing or urgent situation. 3. That which is demanded or required in a particular situation -- usually used in the plural.

SIGH! In those hours when I’m pondering the work I DON’T want to do I can read my Apron memories newsletter (YAY!) or check out the new posts from the Garza family digest, #225 #226 & #227. If those sites don’t cut it I will spend quality time filling out Women’s day giveaways (thanks to the reminder that I haven’t entered any this month)…I always enter and never win (I don’t seem to have the Debbi Garza lucky streak).

Here's a downer...Clearly my credit needs work as these offers seem to imply– free credit reports, debt rescue, update my credit score, and payment reduction x2. Maybe with Ebay’s lovely starter guide I can sell off some of my clutter and pay off those debts I need double reduction on! Thankfully I’ve received an offer from Business cards USA so I can promote my new Ebay store. If Ebay fails to be a money maker perhaps I should consider schooling. I have my choice of occupations like dentist and scientist or I can find my future as a teacher, join the exciting world of photography, and train to be a certified nursing assistant x3- AHA!!! I’m fairly certain everyone wants me to be a nurse! Jason Fitzpatrick wants to create a money making website for me and Donald Trump says I can succeed in a BIG way!

As if my credit isn’t bad enough… several fine companies are concerned about my weight loss- ACAI, Easy weight loss, Prevention (switch on my Body’s far burning capabilitiesx2), Biggest Loser, and an online weight loss offer from Hannah?? Thanks Hannah but I dont keep my extra poundage online.....Surely I would just hit the big DELETE and rid myself of it forever!

As all but sixish emails hit the trash can and are vanquished from my inbox forever, I am reminded that there are people in this world who never get forwards from a sister or friend or a Garza... and I am glad that I do!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Fabulous Friday Finds!

Princess Lilac found early this morning in the garden...

She wears a string of pearls to distinguish herself as the only true Princess of the toad world.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Blue Poof Ball

As seen at E squiggle 1 Poplar, Colfax.
Also known as Angela's house...
Does anyone know what kind of flower this is???

Monday, May 4, 2009

My favorite customer

Meet Anne Tate!
This blonde cutie just happens to be my most cherished customer here at Grange Supply. Her dad, Dan, lets her in the front door of the farm store while he's pumping fuel. She says her cheerful Hello's to the employees at the front counter and then makes her merry way to the office where she sits beside my chair smiling her gorgeous smile and munching the tiny milk bones I feed her from the Secret Stash.
If you happen to be in Grange Supply and spy this adorable girl please feel free to sneak her a milk bone from the bulk cookie display. (The basted ones are her favorite!) We never charge for Anne's treats!