Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Puppy Spotlight!

Full Name: Cheyenne
Nickname(s): CheyChey, The Little Baby, Ninnance, Missy, Cheyenne Lavoe, Cheyenner Bananer
Most Interesting Feature: Cheyenne has one ear that folds over perfectly while the other always points to the left. We tried and tried to train it to fold over TO NO AVAIL. She'll always have a special ear, just like Nemo and his special fin.
Likes: Daddy, playing with tennis balls, rope toys, and SOCKS, chore time, high pursuit of cats, snuggling in the blankets, and surfing with her head out the car window.
Dislikes: Strange men entering her house wearing work boots, being left in the house when her parents are outside and cats who refuse to run.
Funny Story: When we first moved to the farm, Cheyenne took off in the night to chase one of the cats. Shortly after she disapperaed we heard a giant THUD and she came racing back to us crying at the top of her puppy lungs. We thought perhaps the cat had scratched her. I picked her up to comfort her and caught a big wiff of creosote... turns out Cheyenne had run head on into a telephone pole! To this day she's very cautious when running full speed in the dark!

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