Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Puppy Spotlight!

Full Name: Winchester
Nickname(s): Win, Winchestertonfieldville Iowa, Winnie Winnerton, Winnie One Eye, Win Tin Tin
Most interesting feature: Win has only one eye. He was born with two but the left eye had some kind of trauma or damage and was swelling and causing Win tremendous pain. We took him to his favorite Veterinarian for a check up and to get "tutored" and they highly recommended removing his eye. They assured Win that he would no longer be in pain and that his vision wouldn't change as he was only seeing out of the right one.
Likes: Running and rough housing with his brother Remi, rolling in freshly used towels from Mom and Dad's showers, snoozing on his back with all four feet in the air, rope toys, plastic buckets to bark in, cookies and anything Mom might be eating.
Dislikes: Showing anyone his bubba teeth.
Recent Funny Story: Last night Mom was laying on the bed with her hair hanging over the end and Win was walking back and forth through it, snuffling and playing. He threw himself on the ground under Mom's hair and put his paws up to bat at it like a cat. SUDDENLY he grabbed a giant mouth full and TUGGED! Mom let out a OUCH! and he let go. What a trickster!
Giant Leap of Faith: Win, having vision in only one eye, was deathly afraid of the staircase at home. He would stand with his front feet on the bottom stair and **bark bark bark** for his brothers, sister, and Momma to come down. Mom tried and tried to get him to climb the staircase to no avail. One day, not long after his pirate surgery, Win was feeling especially brave (Mom may have taken some particularly delectable treats half way up the stairs). He slowly climbed each stair as if it could give way at any moment, step by step, to the very top! From that moment on he's been able to run up and down the stairs with no concerns! Fear CONQUERED!

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  1. OH THANK YOU thank you for a wonderful way to start my day! Love Win and Xanders stories!