Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Oh, ALRIGHT! One more post today!

Only because I found this set of pics again and had a good chuckle.
THE Adventures of Farmer Xander and Curly Joe Chicken

There once was a farmer boy named Xander who was known to be the best chicken holder in the entire Inland Northwest. You see, he just LOVED chickens, especially Curly Joe. Curly Joe was special- for he was curly feathered unlike the other chickens who were simply strait feathered. He was a big curly rooster of a chicken. Because of Joe's quirky curly feathers, farmerette Aunt Wraylee handled Curly Joe often over the short course of his life. She thought herself pretty special to have a curly chicken and even more special to have one Grade A chicken holding nephew. She could not, nor would she, deny the farmer boy his chicken holding time......

...regardless of how frequently he let go of Curly Joe!

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