Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Hi. My name is Wraylee. I'm an unfaithful blogger.
There! I said it!
As you, my ever so faithful blog readers, may have noticed (and delicately pointed out, ahem), there has been a SEVERE shortage of new posts from me. How could this be? Hmmm, could it be due to the change in day light hours? No super cute pics get taken when I can hardly see. Could it be due, in part, to the ever increasing amount of tasks on my daily to do list? Hahahaha, to do list! As if I have time to write it down!
To be honest, I haven't posted lately because I've been busy, swamped, OVER whelmed in fact!
Don't be concerned for long, dearest readers. I plan a full scale decorating and painting assault on our casa while the dear hubby is out in the woods for two weeks. Fortunately,and thanks to modern technology, I can turn the lights on and take pics to share with you!

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