Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Magnificent Magnabilities!

Today's favorite thingThe Magnificent Magnabilities necklace!

MADE IN WASHINGTON (NOT IN CHINA) by the very talented artist Susan Fashel, these little gems don't hurt the pocket book or the eyes! A customer of mine came in sporting a Christmas insert that was JUST ADORABLE! She told me "Whenever you need a little pick me up, you run down and buy a new insert for a few sheckles and make your day a little brighter!"

Find them at Wild Ivy @ 275 Southeast Bishop Boulevard Pullman, WA (509) 332-1403
OR view all the nifty designs online by clicking the links above or below. Make sure you enter the code below for a FREE insert with your online order!
Did you catch that? FREE!

Here's my new necklace!

The round part has a magnetic back. IT JUST STICKS!

The other insert I got...SUPRISE SUPRISE... horseshoes!

CHECK IT! Here is a code for a free insert on MAGNABILITIES website-
Free Design Insert on your next online order of $10.00 or more: enter code: design350 at checkout. For online use only!

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