Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I love doing chores in the morning!

The alarms start to ring at 5:00 a.m. and continue at 8 minute intervals until one of us begrudgingly arises and starts the morning routine. Win and Remi pace restlessly around the bed from the moment they sense the first stir until the big race out into the dog world where fresh mornings smells greet them.

Slowly the house wakes up. Dakota’s cage gets uncovered and he makes his morning peeps, Cheyenne stretches and yawns with Jason, and someone makes the coffee…usually me.

It ebbs and wanes but the morning noise level is always a bit surprising. The TV blaring, the shower running, hairdryer, microwave, coffee perking, bird squawking, dogs barking and stomping around…It’s feels deafening!

And when it’s all done and we’re headed out the door there is one moment in my day that brings me absolute joy-

Morning Chores!

It’s an incredibly quiet task, if I choose it to be, and everyone is happy to see me! I call out to Skipper and Cinders and they respond in kind. The goats bleat just a little bit as they are still sleepy too. Howly Berry meets me in the driveway and walks with me down to the barn so I can feed the horses and break their ice. Sometimes I see deer bedded down or grazing on the sky line which is tinted pink from the impending sunrise.

What a lovely, calm, quiet way to start my mornings.

I am reminded that I AM LUCKY.

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  1. How Beautiful the mornings are at your farm! Wishing I was there right now!