Tuesday, May 19, 2009

In my purse: Tuesday May 19, 2009

Meet the amazing Green Purse! It holds so much! Great for traveling, every day use, or for holding babies! True story :)
Today you will find the sometimes odd, mostly necessary assortment as follows:

BIG Center Compartment-
-Brand new Quilts and More magazine with 29 quick projects like throws, pillows, baby quilts and bags.
-Canon Power Shot SD1000 Camera and carrying case (never leave home without it)
-Orange “HOLDS EVERYTHING” wallet, conveniently loaded with EVERYTHING from money to frequent shopper cards, family pictures and coupons, pens and sticky notes galore, and tickets to Lipizzaner Stallions. Most interesting item = 50 Pesos!
-2 CD’s- Kings of Leon and Pink
-3 jump drives
-Key sets to Ester and Betty
-Sticky Note (floating around alone) with the number to Wrangler
-A pair of Iron Clad ‘workforce’ gloves
-One lone hair clip

Center compartment pockets-
-3 fine point pens (because I dont like medium point)
-Savings account register
-Lil’ notebook that my sister gave me for house ideas
-MORE frequent shopper cards in convenient key chain sizes
-Campho-Penique for that occasional sporadic cold sore
-Tylenol Cold for head congestion pills
-Phenylephrine HCL tablets (otherwise known as antihistamines)
-Mary Kay Beauty Blotters
-Clinique Bamboo Pink lipstick

Left Outside Pocket-
-Yellow pocket knife
-Burt’s Bee’s Pomegranate Lipbalm
-Samsung blue tooth ear piece
-Q-Baby tag from my new jeans

Right Outside Pocket-
-Pink retractable sewing tape measure
-2 black hair ties
-Cell Phone

Center Outside Pocket- aka “The Hankie Pocket”
-Hankie from Grandpa Carroll
-Hankie from Grandma Blankenship

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