Monday, May 18, 2009

33 messages....

As usual, my inbox is chock full of emails that I must weed through...

Sister and Emilie have sent the usual course of funny Monday emails…guaranteed to start the day off with a smile. I now know my age in chocolate and can automatically fail a breathalyzer test.

Sat’s and Sun’s words from Daily Dictionary are:
stolid \STOL-id\, adjective: Having or revealing little emotion or sensibility; not easily excited. I know some people like this!!
exigency \EK-suh-jun-see; ig-ZIJ-un-see\, noun: 1. The quality or state of requiring immediate aid or action; urgency. 2. A case demanding immediate action or remedy; a pressing or urgent situation. 3. That which is demanded or required in a particular situation -- usually used in the plural.

SIGH! In those hours when I’m pondering the work I DON’T want to do I can read my Apron memories newsletter (YAY!) or check out the new posts from the Garza family digest, #225 #226 & #227. If those sites don’t cut it I will spend quality time filling out Women’s day giveaways (thanks to the reminder that I haven’t entered any this month)…I always enter and never win (I don’t seem to have the Debbi Garza lucky streak).

Here's a downer...Clearly my credit needs work as these offers seem to imply– free credit reports, debt rescue, update my credit score, and payment reduction x2. Maybe with Ebay’s lovely starter guide I can sell off some of my clutter and pay off those debts I need double reduction on! Thankfully I’ve received an offer from Business cards USA so I can promote my new Ebay store. If Ebay fails to be a money maker perhaps I should consider schooling. I have my choice of occupations like dentist and scientist or I can find my future as a teacher, join the exciting world of photography, and train to be a certified nursing assistant x3- AHA!!! I’m fairly certain everyone wants me to be a nurse! Jason Fitzpatrick wants to create a money making website for me and Donald Trump says I can succeed in a BIG way!

As if my credit isn’t bad enough… several fine companies are concerned about my weight loss- ACAI, Easy weight loss, Prevention (switch on my Body’s far burning capabilitiesx2), Biggest Loser, and an online weight loss offer from Hannah?? Thanks Hannah but I dont keep my extra poundage online.....Surely I would just hit the big DELETE and rid myself of it forever!

As all but sixish emails hit the trash can and are vanquished from my inbox forever, I am reminded that there are people in this world who never get forwards from a sister or friend or a Garza... and I am glad that I do!

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