Thursday, May 28, 2009

GREAT Grandparents

Quayle B and G. Leona Nebeker

& their 8 girls (not in order) Cleora, Wanda, Doris, Gloria, Wyoma, Dee Ann, Connie, & Arlene

~Flour Sack Dresses~

Flour sack dresses for each of her girls,
Mama starches and presses and watches them twirl.
She smiles at the joy lighting sweet farm girl faces,
And hopes that her girls will some day go places.
Farming is tough, but Daddy makes a good living
And Mama is thankful for all that they’ve been given…
Oh but the girls could all travel, it wouldn’t do harm,
And one day perhaps they’ll return to the farm
To milk cows, feed chickens, and ride the horses,
Hunt for rocks in the river that streams and courses,
Marry good farm boys and raise healthy children.
One day they’ll wake up and appreciate the feeling
Of working hard for their lives, for their family and land,
And a cup that’s filled up with love and joy where they stand.



  1. Beautiful picture of our aunties. By the way the G in grandmas name stands for Gertie. Cleora says that isn't Gertrude but Gertie.

  2. That is one of my favorite pictures ..