Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Learning about my cute caprines

Pan is very sweet, usually sports a smile, and is always pleased to see us. He is the smallest of the goats, although he may weigh just a bit more than Luna. (Shhh, don't tell him)
Merlin and Luna are syncronized pasture skaters. They generally walk around just like this perfectly in step with one another. Luna stomps her feet at predators and does all the talking for the herd but Merlin is the HOH (head of household) as he is the biggest, bravest goat.
Orin...Well, he is quite the comedian. He really enjoys getting up on our level and looking us in the eye when we first come in the pen. I think he wants to make sure we watch him (kinda the "Stuart" of the bunch- Mad TV watchers will understand).
Some interesting things I've learned about goats so far
  • They LOVE bananas, peel and all
  • They don't like little white dogs that stare through the gate at them
  • When itchy, they lay sideways on the fence and walk along it, banging thier horns like a kid holding a stick on a picket fence
  • They prefer weeds to grass hay, the weedier the better
  • Baby pine trees are a delicacy to escape goats

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  1. I want, I want, I want one!!