Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Joy Journal- Home

Monday night, after a grueling and tiresome day, I sat at my favorite kitchen table with the gnawed leg (thanks to teething pups) and tried to remind myself that life just isn't that bad! To ease my mind and release the day's tension I jotted down a few things that bring me joy...

  • The toads hanging out under the run off from the air conditioner, happy to share the puddle
  • 'Chick' 'chick' 'chick' of the sprinkler watering our "almost everything grew" garden
  • Little goat bleats
  • The horses calling to me when they hear the screen door slam
  • Dakota, the grey and red bird of happiness, yelling at the dogs and whistling to me
  • Puppy tails wagging ecstatically as if everything I say or do is AMAZING
  • The smell of laundry freshly pulled from the line- reminds me of farm, sunshine, health
    Lavender growing in my garden and flower bed
  • Stacks of hay in my barn, shed, and on the slab
  • And this guy...

I'm sure there is so much more!

So what brings my readers joy?

1 comment:

  1. -planning projects - even if they're "can't afford to do that right now" projects

    -sleeping in my bedroom with all my kids

    -waking up before anyone else and watering my plants in the cool, quiet, still mornig

    -the smell of bleach (it equals clean stuff or pool fun)

    -green grass, green leaves, even green weeds sometimes :]