Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Waste Not, Want Not...It doesn't always apply.

Dakota's freshly filled food dish~
We call his food "Fruity Pebbles" because of the colors, shapes, and smell.
Dakota's nearly empty food dish~
Notice how he has picked out all his favorite colors and left the one he hates. Generally he will throw these purple pieces out for the dogs. Thankfully they do a great job at cleanup!

Everything you might need to know about DAKOTA, our Congo African Grey Parrot
Family: Psittacine ~ and our family ~Flodin
Origin: Lowland forests of central Africa; Guinea Is., Kenya, Tanzania
Size: 12" to 14"
Coloration: Predominately grey; white around the eye; short red tail feathers.
Diet: 65-80% quality pelleted diet, 15-30% vegetables (e.g., greens, legumes, corn-on-the-cob), 5% fruits, and an occasional nut. Use many varieties of fruits and vegetables, washed thoroughly. No avocados or fruit pits. ~Dakota's diet mainly consists of pelleted feed. He's not keen on fresh fruits and veggies but LOVES potato chips.
Grooming: Trim flight feathers, beak and nails as needed. ~We don't trim Dakota's flight feathers anymore. Occasionally he flys off his cage into our bedroom and then walks around like a little gangster saying "woooo" and "Hi Koder" until someone picks him up.
Compatibility/Disposition: Shy and cautious, especially around strangers. Tend to bond to one person. ~Dakota was Courtney's parrot and was extremely bonded to her. When she passed away he became mine and his devotion transferred to me. He won't let Jason pick him up or handle him but he loves me and would even regurgitate for me. That is the highest form of birdie love.
Vocalization: Considered the best mimic of all parrots. ~Dakota's favorite thing to mimic is the phone. He can ring, pickup, hold a 2 party conversation, say bye, hang up, and do the answering machine perfectly. Frequently our guests hear this and can't tell the difference.
Playfulness: Extremely intelligent. Require a great deal of attention to satisfy emotional needs and provide mental stimulation.
Life Span: 50-70+ years ~Dakota is 10 or 11 years old now.

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