Thursday, July 30, 2009

*Critter Spotlight*

Skipper, Gelding of the Palouse
Nicknames include- Skip, Mr. Skipp'a'star, Skipperpotomus, and Handsome.
Skipper is the pasture comedian~ generally the first to yell for me as I walk out the door in the mornings, always messing around with tools in the grooming bag or picking the feed pans up, and usually stirring up trouble with the other horses he's been in with. He is most notorious for grabbing Milly by the blanket and pulling her around backwards!

Marley- the Gentleman
Nicknames~ MarMan, Marley Marlesburger, Chibatta lips, and Mr. Marley.
Marley is a very sweet and gentle horse. He LOVES to be scratched and brushed and petted, just touched in general. He reminds me of Eeyore when he walks around the pasture, kind of dum-de-dum, BUT I've seen him kick up his heels too. When I groom Marley he extends his neck and lowers his head towards the ground, kinda groans with pleasure, and holds his bottom lip in the shape of square chibatta bread, hence the Chibatta lips nickname. It always makes me laugh to see him happy!!

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