Friday, June 7, 2013

Day 01 - A picture of yourself with fifteen facts.

1- I LOVE horses...not like.... LOVE
2- I am married, going on 14 years 
3- I have 5 dogs, yes 5
4- No kids, none, and I'm ok with that now
5- I'm a bit of a tack snob, no cheap stuff for this girl
6- I carry two cell phones
7- I drive a Chevy pickup named Clifford Louise
8- I just put the rest of the numbers on this post to see how many truths I have left
9- I recently bought a body scale to hold myself accountable for what I eat
10- I don't mentally see myself like I physically look
11-I have a BFF in Oregon which is too far away
12-I'm riding her horse, Zippa- whom I adore, in this picture
13- I get migraines from chocolate
14- I'm so crafty (true), I sweat glitter (slight exaggeration)
15- This last one was HARD!!! Oh, here's a random one...I use way too many sticky notes!

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