Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Courtney

It's your birthday today. You'd be 30 finally, just like Lindsay and I.

Memories come flooding in...
Snoop Dogg blasting in The Flying Pickle with the windows down and the heater cranked in the dead of winter
Viva La Towel Band! and tan Wranglers
Getting lost on the back roads while laughing and talking about EVERYTHING from sweethearts to secrets, horses to hair styles
Spinning broadies in the fresh gravel at McGregors and then STRESSING about getting caught!
The Bach-lo-ette party....AH YES, that was classic
Wearing candy necklie
My birthday, the one where you made it SO SPECIAL by making a huge dinner, a funfetti birthday cake, and potato salad just like I like it...JUST FOR ME
Bunny Ears in triplicate
The love you had for your Coug hoody (hey, the one in this picture) and how completely upset you were when it was thread bare, see thru, and you couldnt wear it anymore (even tho you did)
The pink store in Spokane, the inappropriate one, and mentally scarring a very pregnant Lindsay with certain specialty items , heehee
Chubby bunny- I wasnt there for the original but I loved every minute of the dramatic reenactments
Your signature dance move
Goldie Honda
PINK BOOTS!!! and matching Pink horseshoes for Milly
Walking you to your car in the dark to check for strangers in your backseat
Gangsta Names and catch phrases
Hand signals that made NO SENSE for the words you sticky rice...and a half scoop of caramel.

...The list goes on and on, and differs for every life you touched. I miss you every single day!


  1. What a beautiful love you shared! I'm so happy you had each other in your lives:)