Monday, June 22, 2009

Sporks, they hold your dinner!

Spork: the combination of a spoon and fork; the plastic variety are often received with fast food meals.

Sporkish Thoughts and Feelings:

What’s weird is when you go to take a bite and the food has slid off your spork because the tines are too short and there isn’t anything to put in your mouth. ~Cody (Nephew)

Nobody, I mean nobody can use my special star handled spork but ME (unless I'm in a sharing mood)! ~Wraylee

I’m a big fan, but it’s a little hard to eat soup with them. ~Lindsay (Sister)

The spork is the greatest contribution to efficient eating since the sandwich. It is a spoon, a fork, and in some instances, a knife. Not only does it eliminate the need for multiple utensils while eating, it decreases the amount of time, water, & soap used while cleaning the dishes. Finally, if one were to travel, the spork is a convenient & space-saving way to include all necessary instruments. In short, the spork is an efficient time-saving, resource-saving, space-saving instrument and we should extol its virtues from the rooftops! ~Angela (BFF)

My Pet Peeve! I hate them! ~ Pam (co-worker)


  1. Poor Pam. Maybe she had a spork mishap in her youth? Why else would you, COULD you hate sporks?! They are ever so practical. I LOVE them.

  2. This cracks me up! I agree with Angela and Cody. Sometimes they are great. Sometimes they are frustrating. Just depends on what you're eating. Thanks for the chuckles Wraylee.

  3. You guys dont even want to know EVERYTHING Pam had to say about sporks...I was forced to edit much of it out....