Monday, April 27, 2009

Getting back to the good things in life....

This weekend I realized one very important, yet sad, fact....MY HOUSE IS A MESS! I'm not talking a "toss it here or there, clutter seemingly every where" kind of no no...I'm talking a "You could be a guest on Clean House with Niece Nash" kind of mess. A mess where they bring in CREWS of people with bin after bin to clear our all our "mayhem and foolishness" -as Niece Nash so lovingly puts it. I'm imagining commentary such as "Hey I found a small village of tiny people living under the piles of crap you have stacked in your craft room" and "Whoa, did you know that you have 78 rolls of duct tape hidden strategically through out your house". Mind you, duct tape is highly useful for holding things like Frat boys to apartment walls and underwear up that keep riding down under your skirt.

I ask myself what to do about Madam Mayhem and Sir Foolishness (see the capitolization giving them importance???) Light a match? Hire a dumpster? Call in 17 vagabonds and let them have run of the place? Host a yardsale? YES! HOST A YARDSALE at an unsuspecting BFF's house sometime in July, no June, maybe May. Begin as soon as possible collecting, cleaning, and pricing useless (to me) random junk and sell sell sell! Make me an offer I can't refuse people! I won't deal with the clutter any longer!

So wish me luck.........and hope as I do that Mayhem and Foolishness will cease being capitolized and perhaps I can breathe a bit easier in my newly decluttered spaces!

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